Rhythm and Textures of Maine


The images selected for this exhibit are a sampling from a long-term personal project that has it roots in my first encounters with the treasures of Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island.  While taking in the various landscapes throughout the island, there was this quiet expressiveness that filled my eyes and captured my heart. This presented me with unique patterns and qualities for numerous engagements with my camera that I had never 
experienced previously.

As I expanded my exploration throughout Maine, these same qualities of the landscape became increasingly omnipresent, expressing a visual and sensory rhythm and energy that, to me, defines nature’s unending beauty here in Maine. 

Through these prints, I offer you an opportunity to share in these elements. I hope these images jump start your senses, prompt you to listen, allow you to dream, all while challenging your visual imagination.

Thank you for allowing me to share this small slice of Maine with you…I hope you see something in these photographs that before now, went unseen.


Michael Austin Kane
Damariscotta, Maine


Link to the Exhibit: Please Click Here