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I will be offering 2 different Photography classes in May 2013 starting on Saturday May 4th at my new studio in Rockville, Maryland.

Classes will be offered in:

1. How to get started with Adobe Lightroom 4. This 3 hour class will provide each student with the necessary information, knowledge and awareness of how to load and launch Adobe Lightroom 4; how to choose the correct preference settings; how to choose the correct catalog settings; how to decide on the most effective directory/image file structure; and how to manage an image and database back-up strategy. Fee: $99/person

2. Introduction to Digital Imaging. This 12 hour class will uncover the basics of camera operation, exposure and metering, composition and how to learn to have fun with your new Digital SLR (single lens reflex camera). Fee: $245/person (based on 2 students)

Class sizes are guaranteed to be small with a student to instructor ratio not to exceed 2:1!

All classes will be offered throughout May at the:

Capital Arts Network -- Studio 315 -- Michael Austin Kane Photography -- 12276 Wilkins Avenue -- Rockville, Maryland

Please Call: Mike @ 703-581-2959 for more information

Email: Mike

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Hopeful Calm & Beginnings https://www.michaelaustinkane.com/blog/2013/2/hopeful-calm-beginnings "Pondering" - Pemaquid Point, ME 2012

About a week from today, my most recent exhibit entitled "Hopeful Calm & Beginnings" will close. It was a genuine pleasure to be invited to pull together an exhibit for a one month run at the ArtSpace in Herndon Virginia. I have taken all the images that are included in the exhibit and have added a new section to the galleries called "Projects". http://www.michaelaustinkane.com/p317276681

Keep checking back because I will be adding new projects from time to time.

Happy shooting!

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I Have Been Blogged! https://www.michaelaustinkane.com/blog/2012/6/i-have-been-blogged WOW! I have been featured in someone else's BLOG! How cool is that? Last week I was interviewed for a Blog called Late Blooming Entrepreneurs. The blog is written by Lynne Strang who started the blog a few years back and is now writing a book about the basic principals folks follow when they embark upon becoming an entrepreneur after they have reached the age of 40. What an intriguing idea and the stories she has collected and written about on her blog are compelling to say the least. My thanks to Lynne for taking the time to interview me and write about it on her blog. I hope you will find it interesting and entertaining.

Here is a direct link to my story: A Love for Photography Leads to a Business

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"Behind The Lens" https://www.michaelaustinkane.com/blog/2012/5/BehindTheLens Recently I had the opportunity to participate in an Arlington, VA television show dedicated to showcasing local photographers and their work. The show is a 30 minute production called "Behind the Lens" hosted by Erika Nizborski. I throughly enjoyed the experience while it gave me the chance to share a few stories about what led to some of the images that I have in my collections. My thanks to Matteo and Catherine at Arlington Independent Media for including me in their show!

The TV show is in two parts here is part 1:

Part 2:

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Duck, Duck...Goose! (No...Geese) https://www.michaelaustinkane.com/blog/2012/5/duck-duck-goose-no-geese Snow Geese

I had one of those first-in-my-lifetime experiences recently and it was very amazing. I traveld north to Pennsylvania to a wildlife management area know as Middle Creek. Middle Creek is a migratory stop-over for all kinds of creatures bearing wings but I was there to photograph one species in particular the snow goose. My good photographer friend Mike had the opportunity to photograph snow geese at Middle Creek last year and he was very excited about it...excited enough to easily convince me it was worth taking the trip

We arrived mid-day on a Thursday and walked to the known portion of the 360 acre lake to look for the snow geese. Acording to the WMa website there were reportely 30-65,000 snow geese remaining in the WMA. To our astonishment when we got to the edge of the lake, we found a lake sans snow geese. We looked at each other and said how can this be? Are we in the right location? Mike (very wisely I might add) suggested that we stop by the ranger station and inquire about the snow geese and what we could expect. I came this far so I wanted to come away with some images of these birds. Mike returned from the ranger station with good news the flock of snow geese were off in a farm field on the edge of the WMA.

We arrived at the location noted by the ranger and there was this huge crop field just full of snow geese munchng on whatever plant-life they could dig up. There were litterely thousands of the birds on the ground not flying. On the ground too were other photographers eagr to capture an imge of these birds as they take off by the thousands. Ater about 15 minutes of observing the geese a farm tractor appeared to headout into the filed where many of the birds were collected. This starlted them and they began ther launch to flight right over our heads. That was a spectacular sensation! The image at the top of this post is one from that moment. I was using a 400mm f/2.8 lens and tryng to gain as much shuter speed advantage as I could while minimizing my depth-of-field,  I took this shot wide-open at f/2.8.

This image has been doing very well for me in some local shows and competitions. and I have a large print version of this on display now through June 23rd at ARTOMATIC in Crystal City, VA. See http://www.artomatic.org for hours and directions.


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Today's Photo Tip -- Never Leave Home Without It https://www.michaelaustinkane.com/blog/2012/2/todays-photo-tip---never-leave-home-without-it You have heard the cliché that goes something like this: "You got to play to win" Usually referring to one of the forty-three state lotteries being run today to fullfill our entertainment and gambling pleasures. Today's photo tip occupies the same concept but hopefully it will be far more creatively addictive.

So today's simple tip is: Always have a camera with you, ready to shoot. A Kodak Instamatic 100

When I leave home I always make sure that in addition to my phone, that I have a camera. Often it is not convenient to carry a DSLR so I will bring along a point-and-shoot that when asked, will do the job if I need it to. Make it a habit to always have a camera within reach. You will never regret it...I assure you.  Camera phones make this idea incredibly easy to accomplish so you should never have an excuse to not have a camera with you...ALL THE TIME.

Michael Austin Kane


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The Story... https://www.michaelaustinkane.com/blog/2012/2/the-story--- The story behind the story…so to speak. Since I believe that every image taken is a chance to tell a story, preserve a slice of time...that by every means we have as photographers, the image should have something to say or tell to the viewer. At times that story may be obvious and upfront and at other times it may be subtle or even mysterious. That is the beauty of image making isn’t it. Trying to communicate a story in ways that only you the photographer can imagine as you compose through your viewfinder. Believe me, only you will see an image for its clearest meaning. Which makes your responsibility as a photographer that much more daunting. Being able to have your story universally understood by all viewing and experiencing your images is truly a dream…maybe an impossible dream I might add…but as image makers we never give up trying.

The story behind the story today is about the image that appears at the top of my Blog Page. About mid-way through the 2011 fall color season in my area of the world I took a long afternoon hike in one of my favorite local get-away locations. A National Park along the Potomac River called Great Falls. In the upland forest area of the park which is a few hundred feet above the river and a few hundred yards inland, there are a series of hiking trails that traverse the uplands and flats long ago formed by retreating glaciers. On this afternoon the fall colors on the hardwood trees were becoming muted, a few days past their peak.  Sunlight was low in the sky like it should be an hour before sunset. At the top of one trail intersection, off to the west, was a stand of oaks and maples that were a dull yellow hue almost approaching brown. But the warmth of the setting sun gave the trees a wonderful seasonal feel. I wanted to represent the landscape before me in a way that was not too specific in detail but a blend of the "feel" of that moment. So I choose to shoot multiple exposures by tracking down the height of the trees selecting one tree trunk with the idea to merge multiple shots into a single blended image in Photoshop. The result was very pleasing to me. I blended about 23 individual images followed by  some contrast and curves adjustments resulting in what you see at the top of my blog page.

For me, the result represents what I felt and saw visiting the park that day…nothing more and nothing less. The image tells me about the waning vibrancy of the fall colors while heading into a very uncertain future winter season. Beautiful!

Michael Austin Kane

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Welcome https://www.michaelaustinkane.com/blog/2012/2/welcome This will be my first post. I am looking to enjoy my time with you sharing things about photography and the experiences of mine while attempting things photographic. You will find stories behind the pictures that I take along with what I hope to be a helpful tip or two that will make your time doing things photographic a little more rewarding and enjoyable. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments.

Thank you!

Michael Austin Kane

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